The best surf lessons in Tamarindo

Surf in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Surfing is one of the most satisfying activities that we can enjoy in the water. Humans and all kinds of species easily develop a deep connection with something as huge and powerful, but also as gentle as the ocean. We are very blessed to be born, and raised in paradise where the environment and the ocean are one for us to enjoy and protect.

Ours is one of the first, most professional and highly respected surf schools. We are committed to getting you the best waves and ensure you have a surfing experience that you will never forget.

Group and private lessons are available every day. Stay with us at Tamarindo Diria and book your surf lessons!

Contact us to check out our daily lesson schedule and join us!

Group lesson:

Our group lessons are perfect for those who have never tried surfing before.

A small group of no more than four people will be introduced to surfing by one of our certified instructors.

We will walk you through the techniques needed and you will learn how to stand up and surf on a whitewater wave. You will love it!

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $70 + 13% tax per person

Available every day!


Private lesson:

For beginners:

Private lessons are the best for beginner level surfers who wish to refresh their knowledge from a past lesson, or who wish to have a more personal experience and speedier progression.

For intermediate:

These private lessons will focus beyond catching whitewater waves. You will be surfing on clean, unbroken waves. From bottom turns to cutbacks and snaps, our instructors will focus on the exact areas you wish to improve upon to help you expand your surfing abilities!
Make the most of your time by having your own instructor in Tamarindo!

$100 + 13% tax per person

 Available every day!  


Semi private lesson:

Perfect for couples or a group of two friends who want to take lessons together.

It’s best if both students are at the same level, as the surf lesson will be adapted to the level of the students. You got this! Let's do this!

Available every day!

$80 + 13% tax per person